names not numbers

When it comes to talking about the problems in the world, numbers can be important.

But sometimes when we talk about numbers they can seem a little bit overwhelming, easy to manipulate and well… not very personal.

Names, on the other hand, are very different:


This is Gift. He was abandoned in a phone box when he was a baby. He didn’t even have a name; no one wanted anything to do with him.

Happily for him, there were some people that did care. Hope House Orphanage, took him in, loved him, fed him and named him – he is a gift from God.

It would be easy just to think of him as a number – after all, there are two and a half million other orphans in South Africa – but we think that he deserves a name; and much more.

where we are…

We’re a charity that works with small, community organisations, dedicated to sharing the love of God, and making a difference for individuals.

We currently support three projects;

  • Tshwaranang: a community based organisation in South Africa.
  • The Raffa Home: an HIV orphanage in India.
  • The Butterfly Palliative Home: our newest partners, also in South Africa, operating a children’s hospice.

Why not find out more about them on our projects page?

where we’re going…

We don’t want to stop there though, and we’re always looking for new organisations to support and for new ways to support them. If you want to join us on our journey, why not visit our projects and our get involved page?


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