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One really easy way to support Names Not Numbers is by giving money. Visit the donation page, for all the ways you can give support to our projects.


We are a pretty small charity at the moment – we need people to spread the word!

Some easy things you can do:

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If you want to fundraise for us, there are loads of simple ways you can do this. We’ve thought of a few here, but we’d love to hear from you with anything else too!


Why not host a pub quiz in your local, with donations to Names Not Numbers? Or you could put on a gig with local bands for an evening and invite your mates along. What about a jumble sale in your local community centre, or a bake sale in your school or work place?

Our friend Paul has been helping us, organising gigs for more than a year, including one crazily difficult pub quiz!


Every year, crazy people do crazy things like skydiving, bungee jumping, trekking and marathons. If you’re one of them (or you’d like to be), you could do it to raise money for the causes we support! We’ll sort out a fundraising page for you, you’ll just have to tell everyone you know and wait for the cash to come rolling in!

Our friend Mark ran a half marathon to raise money for NNN. You could do it too!

other ideas…

These are just a few way to get involved with Names not Numbers. If you’re interested in contributing something, we’d love to hear from you. You can email us on the contact page, or find us on Twitter @namesnotnumbers.

If you have a project or charity that you would like supported by Names Not Numbers, visit our projects page…


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If you wish to make a regular donation, either financially or in other ways, please visit our donation page.

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