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Pub quiz coming up

The return of the Names Not Numbers Proper Pub Quiz will be happening on 11th July- find out more on our events page. Invite your mates, come with a team prepared or find one when you get here (we’re very friendly, honest)- it’s just £2 per person to enter and you could be in with a chance to win a gallon of ale, thanks to our friends at the Punchbowl pub in Crookes! All proceeds going to the projects we support- providing vital life giving services to children and families in South Africa and India.

June 18th, 2013

Gift aid rebate!

Great news- we have been sent a tax rebate of £3674.86 from our friends at HMRC, thanks to all our amazing supporters who have gift aided their donations to us over the last 3 years!

This money will be shared out between the two projects we support, the Raffa Home and Tshwaranang. Which means it will be able to make a real difference to the lives of over 40 children and young people in two continents across the world!

Would you like to become a regular donor? If so please follow this link. Thank you once again to all those who give and have helped us get this rebate!


June 10th, 2013

Work experience opportunities for the Raffa boys

Here’s another quick update from the Raffa Home- where the boys have been learning new skills and trades to prepare them for leaving the home when they reach adulthood.

Last autumn, three of the older boys from the home attended some training on ‘Appropriate Paper Technology’, in other words, using paper to make items such as trays and stools. The products they made were decorated and sold some during a five-day festival in Delhi in November. The festival was around the issue of human trafficking, and a number of other organisations and community groups attended. The older boys from the home, Rakesh, Pankaj, Gulshan and Gein, also helped out during the festival as crew members, and Pankaj, who is interested in sound engineering, got a good experience working in this field during the event as well.

Watch this space for more stories of transformed lives from the projects Names Not Numbers supports!

Inspired? Why not donate towards the work of the Raffa Home? Or put on an event and raise money in your local area!

February 15th, 2013

Stories from Tshwaranang

Hope House, the children’s home run by the team at Tshwaranang, has recently received a new house manager. He started in October, the same month their new social worker started. Thanks to all who donate to make these posts possible!

Jackie, who is the financial officer for the organisation, writes “The need out there is huge. Please pray that we are able to meet these needs. For us to do that we need far more funding.” There is also a need for more partnership working across the area, so that more can be done with the fewer resources available.

Please join us in praying for unity so that more can be accomplished, and ultimately, more lives made better! Please also consider making a donation to the work of Tshwaranang; just visit our donate page for details.

February 13th, 2013

New members of the Raffa Home family

In the last six months there has been lots going on at the Raffa Home in Delhi.

At the end of September, Manish moved in. He is four years old and had been living on the streets before with his mum and sister. The Raffa Home writes “Manish is a sweet boy with the loveliest smile that he nowadays flaunts very often! He is enjoying his brothers in the home and feels secure. He also spends much time with his mum as well” (who has recently been discharged from hospital).

The second new addition to the home is Kuldeep, another four years old boy with HIV, who had been living in another home in Delhi with his brother after both his parents had died. The Raffa home report that “Kuldeep is a cheerful boy, who makes friends easily and has settled down in the home very quickly.”

It’s great to know that your donations to Names Not Numbers fund the work of this home, enabling them to grow and take on more children in great need. Thank you on behalf of everyone at the Raffa Home!

February 13th, 2013


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