Tshwaranang is a community centre based in the Free State, in South Africa. Operating from a town called Harrismith, they work in the surrounding area.

Compared with many other regions within Africa, the area is relatively affluent, yet there are still many people living in appalling conditions, and families struggling within the worst poverty possible and HIV AIDS is a devastating force within the community.

Tshwaranang aim to transform the local community through their projects. One such project is Hope House, an orphanage caring for up to 30 children.

To find out more about Hope House and the other projects Tshwaranang runs, you can visit, and

the raffa home

The Raffa Home is an orphanage in India. It has evolved over the years and now cares for 7 girls and 9 boys who live in separate homes: the majority have HIV. It is one of a number of church-led community projects in New Delhi, India, working with one of the most marginalised groups in their society.

Money donated goes towards their education, health and the ongoing cost of running the home, small things, but things that make a massive difference to the lives of the Raffa boys. There is a team of 7 people who run the home and do their best to raise these wonderful and unique children.

the butterfly palliative home

Butterfly Palliative Home is a childrens’ hospice providing end-of-life care to babies and young children with life-limiting conditions who have been orphaned or abandoned in South Africa.

They aim to provide quality palliative care, at no cost, to vulnerable infants and young children in South Africa, whilst serving a vision to advance paediatric palliative care within South Africa and give a voice to vulnerable infants and young children needing palliative placements.

To find out more please visit their website.

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